All Betts are On!: A guide to Red Sox House Cleaning

All Betts are On!: A guide to Red Sox House Cleaning

I like the article from John Cate, and I 100% agree. If brock holt can go from meer trade throw-in to a Zobrist jr over just a month of play, then there is certainly room for mookie in CF. Push Holt to Left and JBJ /Vic platoon to Right and that looks like a pretty solid hitting and fielding OF.

Doing this requires Gomes or Nava to be traded. And frankly that will be tough to do. Or it would require JBJ to be demoted back to AAA, but I like having him take his licks now, and he’s been making some sensational catches.

I’m glad the Sizemore experiment is over, and its a shame that he didnt produce, because then we could keep Mookie in AAA for the rest of the year.

BUT if the sox want to make the playoffs without become heavy sellers, then they need to ignore some underperforming veterans (peavy/gomes/AJP) and let the hot hands play.

Do the team a favor and get rid of AJP, and an OF and play Vasquez, Mookie, Rubby, Ranaudo, it may not be the worst approach to solve so far a rough season.

If you dont think all of them deserve playing time, then keep mookie in AAA and just bring up Vasquez, limitting the running game with a strong defensive catcher will have immediate dividends. And he can hit better than AJP even though AJ has the 2nd most RBIs on the team.

Your best trade chips could be Nava/Lackey, assuming you intend to resign Lester as your franchise Ace.

2 thoughts on “All Betts are On!: A guide to Red Sox House Cleaning

  1. Don’t underestimate Gomes. Remember last year he was hitting about this poorly for much of the year before stepping up in October. I don’t think the Red Sox will want to get rid of him if they think they might still have a chance at playing October baseball. That would leave Nava the odd man out in your scenario, and I’m not sure the Red Sox would want to do that either. Plus, having two middle infielders (Holt and Betts) would not be very defensively sound. Every new park could present problems for these guys, as they haven’t seen to many balls come off the wall. A misplay here and a misplay there could prove costly. I’m in favor of giving the young pitchers a chance though, and I’d t=look for a trade partner for Peavy. There are a staggering amount of options for the Red Sox right now, and that’s not a bad thing. I like your blog. I’ve got some red sox coverage on mine ( Check it out!

    • Thanks! I like your blog too! I agree with you, Gomes is a good ball player to have on the team, he’s your Eric Hinske mixed with Cody Ross good luck charm. But he is not very versitale. Strictly a left fielder with a shrinking number of at bats. At least Nava can play first base and switch hit. And generally SS is one of the most difficult possessions to play, and Holt adapted so far pretty well, Gomes is a much slower fielder than Holt, Mookie or Nava. And you can alway bring victorino and Jbj as defensive or offensive substitutes.

      Peavy is a little too much of a perfectionist, and is experiencing dice-k like outing, too much magic with runners on base, it’ll bite you and your bullpen. but then again very good pedigree and well seasoned to the major league attitudes. But Rubby can give a much higher ceiling at this stage of his career, and you gotta let someone who can touch 99 test it against major leaguers.. even if its not his swing and miss pitch, he has a dominant change-up.

      Treading Lester would feel like treading Nomar back in the day.. in hindsight it was a good trade, but Nomar was a Boston Icon, No one here is talking about trading Clay… We want to show as a franchise that homegrown players have some sort of extra neutron. They may not have extra pull, but they are weighed differently.

      The question is 2, can the sox get a Brandon Jacobs type prospect that can be ready before Margot is ready, assuming Brentz doesn’t catch fire and holt and betts don’t become Of regulars or 2) does it even matter who you get, $1 is worth the open roster spot and rookie ambition roll of the dice.

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