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Although I did not watch the game since I am studying for my Wednesday Constitutional Law final… I did have gameday on and was very happy Lester got the win. Interesting game, with an unexpected homer from Ross, several no-hit innings from Lester, an error from our power hitting shortstop Drew.. correction another 0-4 game with 3 strikeouts. When are the sox going to demote him to AAA so he can regain his timing without harming an already struggling Sox offense. When 50% of the games runs are driven in by Ross.. you know it hasnt been a high scoring game. Put Xander back at SS, Holt can slide to 3rd w/Cecchini/Herrera getting some at-bats.

Removing Drew is the perfect solution for this club.. Not that we dont want Stephen to play at all.. he’s sure handed as it gets, but we cant let him chase high heat.. it’s all too reminisent of Vtek’s end of career struggles. Letting Drew get his “spring training” reps in the minors allows for the ideal roster flexibility. Now Holt can get some infield highlights, Mookie can start in CF with JBJ in right and Nava/Gomes┬átrying to get production out of what was a very successful platoon last year. But Nava went 0-4 in the 2-hole. and JBJ 0-3 with what seemed like too many first pitch outs. Can these guys try some new bats or stand somewhere new in the box.. or just get hits.. preferably big ones?

If drew is going to remain with the club, i admit that I kinda like the Drew/Xander tandem, but 0-7 combined doesnt look good. Xander seems to have lost his patience at the plate, and when he gets 2-2.. which seems like every at-bat… he is chasing the breaking ball on the inside corner.. or fastball high and away.. instead of how he usually takes those pitches. If he can just try to foul off some pitchers pitches, instead of weakly putting them in play.. he’ll have much better results.

Anywho.. Sox have won 100% of their games with Mookie on the roster. Lets hope that continues.. for as long as possible.

Are the Red Sox Gambling with Betts?

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Thoughts on Mookie Betts Promotion:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the Mookie band wagon much like I am with Xander and JBJ.. and now Brock Holt. But I question if he is really the hero our team needs right now. I find it funny that just a few months ago, this kid seemed stuck behind Pedroia and may have been a brief thought about as the centerpiece for a Mike Stanton mega-deal. I hope the Sox learned from their Gonzo experiment that even a player with such beautiful opposite field power was no savor for this beantown team. Heck.. Jason Bay seemed like a god for a year plus before loosing his talent with the Mets. Now, Mookie, like Henry Owens and Xander seem all but off-limits as this trade deadline approaches. The major problem i have with this call up.. is that there is no real spot for him to get consistent at-bats.

Is this just a cup of coffee? Is this to showcase him for the trade deadline? If the sox are serious about playing Mookie, who deserves his chance.. then a few other moves have to happen.

1) As nice has Herrera has been, he is now redundant with Drew on board.

2) Give Pedroia the occasion day off to let Mookie experience major league 2nd base.

3) Calling up Mookie might result in JBJ spending more time in AAA, (which I’m not for, since he seems to be making progress)

4) trade Gomes/Nava/Middlebrooks/Doubront/Peavy- If we are going to let the kids play, then some of the veterans have to go.

Middlebrooks is just having a Ryan Kalish moment.. a kid who looks so good in spurts but can be replaced by quality ballplayers in the minors. But since RH power is rare.. there is hope to keep him and get him confident. He can always go to the cubs in a year or two.

I want Mookie to get 1 game in at Yankee stadium. I want an outfield of Holt in Left, Mookie in Center and JBJ in right. I want Xander to start hitting the snot out of the baseball. I want Peavy traded so that Rubby and Workman can carry this team to a surprising wildcard spot. I want the Rays to start winning against our AL east opponents. I’m excited to see this unfold.. but right now things just look like dirty laundry.



All Betts are On!: A guide to Red Sox House Cleaning

All Betts are On!: A guide to Red Sox House Cleaning


I like the article from John Cate, and I 100% agree. If brock holt can go from meer trade throw-in to a Zobrist jr over just a month of play, then there is certainly room for mookie in CF. Push Holt to Left and JBJ /Vic platoon to Right and that looks like a pretty solid hitting and fielding OF.

Doing this requires Gomes or Nava to be traded. And frankly that will be tough to do. Or it would require JBJ to be demoted back to AAA, but I like having him take his licks now, and he’s been making some sensational catches.

I’m glad the Sizemore experiment is over, and its a shame that he didnt produce, because then we could keep Mookie in AAA for the rest of the year.

BUT if the sox want to make the playoffs without become heavy sellers, then they need to ignore some underperforming veterans (peavy/gomes/AJP) and let the hot hands play.

Do the team a favor and get rid of AJP, and an OF and play Vasquez, Mookie, Rubby, Ranaudo, it may not be the worst approach to solve so far a rough season.

If you dont think all of them deserve playing time, then keep mookie in AAA and just bring up Vasquez, limitting the running game with a strong defensive catcher will have immediate dividends. And he can hit better than AJP even though AJ has the 2nd most RBIs on the team.

Your best trade chips could be Nava/Lackey, assuming you intend to resign Lester as your franchise Ace.