Jules found Yoga in the Spring of 2010 admist many personal challenges that were impeding a clear path to success. Having struggled with ADHD and anxiety all his life, yoga became the tool that enabled him to calm his mind and focus on the task at hand.  To be on the mat, be it wrestling or yoga, gave him an outlet to practice mind/body condition essential for him to maintain excellent time management and academic priorities. It is not just sometimes that we need to take a deep breath to step back and look at the bigger picture, but all the time. Perspective is the key to making this long journey bearable and light hearted. We are all blessed with this third eye that can make us laugh and cry and can consume our emotions entirely. So often do we live by unconscious impulses, that just to become aware of how/why we are is humbling. Amidst all this chaos that is the world, that is our brains, that is our families, how much control do we really have? Movement and breath is a start.

We are not ants, although if you zoom out far enough we may just look like them. The progression of our world is inevitable, so why not take a moment to step back and dance, sing, and enjoy this vessel of a body we were given, our spirit, love, and all the other intangibles hard wired through neurons that trigger endorphins from just eating chocolate.  Movement and breath can also feel pretty yummy too. We are the chefs of life. You are what you eat, what you read, what you wear and who you surround yourselves with. Life could be a whole lot worse than a room full of lululemon (wink) and coconut water.

But seriously, if you are interested in linking movement to breath, which could mean a conversation, a walk, or just about anything, contact me, my door is always open.



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