Kevin Durant Thanks His Momma

NBA MVP 2014.
I saw this clip on ESPN while taking an extended study break and I like instantly starting crying. I hopped on the computer and found the segment that triggered my kleenex moment, watched it again to the same effect and knew I had to post this.

It really helped put things into perspective. I was stressing about the five finals coming up in a week an a half… and its currently 3:45am as I write this post before catching some light sleep. KD earned his money. It may seem silly that a man can make millions, hundreds of millions for playing basketball (or any professional sport), and I’m not going to argue talent versus genetics, he surpassed King James this year which is no small feat. The point I want to make is that he is a permanent public figure now.. he’s no longer affecting this world on a limited purpose. He’s got charities and businesses up the wazoo.. and he’s got the humbleness and the heart to back it up. This is kind of speech you dream about seeing players give. Genuine.

Baby Steps.. I’m only almost 1/3 of the way there. It felt amazing when i got my 100th career wrestling win (on my last high school wrestling match).. I have a feeling that in another 2 years from now, there will be one of the many substantial moments in my life coming into focus. Now.. I like Finding Julesy (Finding Nemo); Just keep reading, just keep reading, reading reading.

I can’t wait to thank my mom!

For the whole speech.. click here:

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@ 3:10

4 Chords, 35 Songs on a Guitar

Ok Ok Ok, Quick Obvious Disclaimers:
1) this isn’t me.. shocking I know.. if it was I’d be making instructional videos and playing for change on the sidewalk… not ordering Chinese food and studying for law exams
2) This isn’t the original video that spurred all these spin offs.
The original video should be credited to this guy:

And if he’s not the true original, I don’t care, because I can’t get in contact with Pachebel himself.

True Wheel of Fortune: “Why risk another spin?!”

Disclaimer: The laughter that this video is likely to generate is hopefully that of true kindness.

When I say I think there should be more contestants like this on game shows.. its not to inflate ratings to poke fun at.. (struggling for the appropriate terminology) challenged individuals. No, I would not regularly watch a show called Wheel of Misfortune, because that title is rude and the malicious intent would kill any beneficial results that this contestant may have experienced. Without talking in circles for another hour. This is a must watch, it was nice to see genuine, unabashed happiness from a kid with more personality then the average joe.

The thing about TV game shows that I find this to be a very effective and possibly charitable tool is its ability to convey a message to the viewers, the general public, for compassion for others. Game shows are apart of our social fiber, our moral makeup, our grey matter. It is hard to vocalize exactly how the Pat Sajak’s, the Trebek’s, Philbin’s and Bob Barker’s of the world have left their imprint of me.. or us.. or you.. but they invariably do. Collective Efficacy. They’re our Media Moms. Our Drama Dads. Our D-List Morals.

In end, this scene was probably missed by the 99%, so I take out the 10 minutes out of my day to recirculate a gem that should that should be lost but not forgotten.

(Yes, I Reddit)

Barre Review

Barre Review



Gotta love the legal pun.

This is more of a note to self; I’ll compile a list of great youtube videos, websites, pictures, ect to help me learn barre chords.

Everyday the muscle memory is improving and it really only takes a few dozen a day to see improvement.

My next step is to learn what chords I’m hitting in the E and A position as I go down the neck. And try to really get a slide motion going.

For more good websites check the links below!

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Easy Guitar Song: Chasing Cars

This is the second song I’m trying to learn in addition to Leaving on a jet plane.
Very easy intro and only 3 chords for the chorus: A, Eminor, and Dsus2.

Thank you Gandalf for helping me practice this song!
In about a week, I’ll post a user video of my best attempt to replicate this.

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Free Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar Lessons: Jules and everyone that plays guitar.. check out this great cite if you haven’t found it already

In between reading case law, memorizing common law, and making flow charts on giant post-it notes… I have taken up the guitar as a one of my many long term goals, that are better started sooner rather than later.


i got the A, G, C, D, E, a few of the minors and just started playing around with barre chords. The first rift I learned this past week was leaving on a jet plane. My chord transitions are getting quicker, but my strumming and timing is pretty bad. I should download a metronome app or just actually truly spend 15 minutes a day practicing. Sometime i can go weeks without playing, but after buying two cheap tuners from the local music store, I no longer have the excuse of not being able to get the iphone app to function properly.

I also got a drum pad and some sticks but I honestly only learned one paradiddle or something.. i can buzz them but I really havent used them too much. The reason being most likely that I no longer do a bulk of my reading on the couch anymore and the drum pad and guitar were always in close proximity to the coffee table.
Drum Pad


Goals for next week, but most likely for most of this summer: Learn more songs, understand the circle of fifths, learn a few other drum exercises, and practice daily. Videos of my progression to follow… Your comments, suggestions, advice, criticism.. will all be greatly appreciated. Also.. if anyone in the greensboro area wants to make a few extra bucks and teach lessons, versus me going to the local music store and making an appointment.



Law School Humor: Part 1L

Criminal Law Class Discussion on Cannibalism
Jules: “Really changes the meaning of the word Male-nourishment.”

Welcome to the Book of Jules. It will be used as kinda place to store what are alternatively called Jules-isms. Comments I make that tend to go to a dollar in the bad joke jar. This may also include lyrics to parodies I write, poems, screenplays, anything and everything me.

Some other memorable one’s from my 1L year.

Teacher: Chris Christie was acting like he had won the presidency last night.

Jules: Oh you mean Christie Creme, President of Weight Watchers?


Topic in Contracts was Peerless v Peerless (two ships with the same)- court voided the contract because of a clear mistake/misunderstanding

Jules: Well, Sometimes Ship Happens.

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