State of the Julesy Address

Dear life,

I hate leaving the library near 11pm and the little eateries near my apartment are all closed.

I hate how I haven’t unrolled my yoga mat from the corner of my room in almost 2 months.

I hate how often my printer runs out of blue  ink, although all I’m printing is black and white

I hate how the recipe for pancakes yield 12-14 fat frisbees, yet the 2 i get from Ihop are just as bad as the homemade dozen

I hate how long I left the last load of laundry in the dryer. Are they still clean after 4 days?

I hate how many pens I’ve lost this semester, especially since the refills I bought for them are now in limbo.

I hate how difficult it is to decide whether to go to sleep or not. To stay up to catch up or go to bed behind in the count

I hate  that the red sox game was rained out today, since a double header tomorrow is way too distracting.

I hate all this sitting, all this coffee and medication.

I hate not being able to be me, to do things that make me feel complete.

I hate not going for runs, to concerts, friends houses, and to girls blouses. lol

I hate all the things law school makes me do,

But that’s ok, I accept that.

I accept the 10 pounds I’ve gained, the all nighter’s I’ve pulled, the sweatpants I’ve worn to class, the shear number of fiber one bars I’ve consumed, chewing gum, k-cups, incense, all these things that keep me on the straight and narrow.

I think back to the words of my mother.. “forgo momentary pleasure for future gain” and her father’s words to her “baby doll, this too shall pass”

It’ll all be worth it. I just don’t have it yet. I guess the only reason I’m upset is because the two main things I value most in life.. Love and health have been slipping.. See the fried chicken and beer red sox of 2012… But I haven’t needed Tommy John, but maybe only Jimmy John to get by. i could make a million baseball references of trying to prepare for the wicked “curveball” the “professor” might throw my way. With a starting 5 man rotation of: Rivers-James, Katz, Levine, Exum, and Dunham. With Parish and Perkins as bench/pitching coaches..

I’d like to think… as step up to the plate (for finals) for the 2nd time.. The 2nd of only 6 plate appearances. I just want to make contact. I know I’m not going to strike out. I’ve worked too hard to strike out. I know I can foul off a few questions, bullshit a correct response here and there.. but I want a fucking base hit eventually. No hit by pitches please. Please dont tell me 10 minutes before the end of the exam that the question was flawed and that my answer is irrelevant to the intent of the teacher. Please dont throw a knuckle ball that has to do with a latin term that I never studied and cant even give a confident reaction to. Please for the love of all that is holy-guacamole, may these next two weeks go by with gusto and poise. With grace. And that the feeling of then being a rising 2L makes a significant and lasting impression on career of this young legal prospect.


Go Red Sox and Go Me.


Good luck and good night.


Jules Russell Toraby


Top Law School Graph

Top Law School Graph: Click this interactive link!


I know Elon isn’t on this graph.. yet. But with a strong alumni class from 2016, and great great great teachers… (i’m envisioning a speech along the lines of Braveheart and the movie 300). THEY CAN NEVER TAKE…. MY JD!!!

Alas, as I near the 1/3 mark, I can only hold onto my glasses and keep reading. And I head off to the land that flows with ink and highlighter. The library.

Occupy Zoo-street

Ted Talk.. real interesting experiment. Inequality.
If monkey’s can get this furious about inequality, i can see how infuriating it may seem that a man no smarted than your average joe can earn more than hundreds of thousands of his smarter peers combined.

And dont even get me started on golden parachutes. Id hate to see what would happen if one of those monkeys were given a bowl of grapes, while the other had to do 50 tasks for just 1.

For more footage on animal behavior check out the link below:

Law School Humor: Part 1L

Criminal Law Class Discussion on Cannibalism
Jules: “Really changes the meaning of the word Male-nourishment.”

Welcome to the Book of Jules. It will be used as kinda place to store what are alternatively called Jules-isms. Comments I make that tend to go to a dollar in the bad joke jar. This may also include lyrics to parodies I write, poems, screenplays, anything and everything me.

Some other memorable one’s from my 1L year.

Teacher: Chris Christie was acting like he had won the presidency last night.

Jules: Oh you mean Christie Creme, President of Weight Watchers?


Topic in Contracts was Peerless v Peerless (two ships with the same)- court voided the contract because of a clear mistake/misunderstanding

Jules: Well, Sometimes Ship Happens.

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Free Speech

Free Speech

XKCD Comic

gotta love this weekly comic. especially after having to write one of my first ever law school briefs on the subject of being a LPPF. If you dont know what that means.. google it.

But… I would like to share some puns I had for that assignment. The controversy was over a proposed Lowes store entering a town.. and I naturally starting thinking of funny titles that I could use for the assignment header… I came up with… Lowes Writer (zz top reference) and Lowe on the Range.. non-actually made the final draft, since I am learning when and where to be colorful with my humor… although my last paper did have a little flair that I failed to resist that impulse.

Oy so similar… the man who broke almost 400 world records.

except… I became a yoga instructor and then went to law school. BUT the similarities exist and I dig this guys passion, hard work and child like enthusiasm.

Shout Outs:

Hey Elise, Check out that guys Hola Hoop.

Hey Mom, We like malt balls almost as much as he does.

Hey Poppop, I’m going to be a great lawyer, like my mother and grandfather before me. I miss you everyday, your picture gives me strength and motivation. And like you, law will be only but one part of my large community and maybe global.. influence.

Hey NMH, gotta love what the head, heart and the hand can do.

Hey me, Go get ’em tiger!


Toto- Africa

This has nothing to do with Law School, but I want… nay.. I NEED this video on my blog. For easy access. For those tired days in the library, for the sunrises that I’ll witness in my apartment doing homework and for the emotional uplift.

“I know that I must do what’s right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become…”