Lebanon Bologna

4/5 stars!
It has a distinct tangy flavor, like if you dipped regular salami in orange juice, but I find it extremely delicious and a great anytime snack.

Seriously, try a slice for free at your local Harris Teeter. At $2.50 for a 1/4lbs, it’s either something you’ll quickly forget, or… The beginning of a new meaty fad.


Coffee Cup Quiche : Lifestyles

Coffee Cup Quiche : Lifestyles.

Microwave Mug Quiche

Quiche in a Microwave

3/5 Stars, but not terrible.

I had it with onion and chive cream cheese

A Quarter of a mini-bagel

Shredded Gouda


Salt and Pepper.

I’m going to play around with this recipe

Since it is tough to cook for 1

In a studio apartment

Alone with a microwave

ps. dont get me wrong

I do cook

but I’m curious

and unattended

Wasabi Edamame Hummus



Just wanted to brag about this awesome Harris Teeter find.

Only a mere 700 calories per container with 20 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat and 10 grams of fiber.

I’ll admit.. It does sound a bit weird to announce the nutritional facts by container and not serving size, but who are we kidding, I definitely eat half a tub in one sitting before I realize I’m not savoring it anymore.

Anywho.. As for taste 5/5 stars, great wasabi taste without the kick, I’d like to find a spicy version of this, it says on the lid mild, so a hot version must be out there. Somewhere…

One hummus to rule them all
And in their stomachs bind them

Pig Foot BBQ Review

Pigfoot BBQ Jules Toraby Seal of Approval 2013.


I went to the BBQ/Concert outside of Center Pointe today, September 8th, 2013 with my family friend Brad Cone. We asked around for what everyone’s favorite BBQ stand was to help aid in our decision, and the all-around consensus was that Pig Foot was the best place to.. pig-out.

Now I did not order the ribs, which were also highly decorated, winning dozens of awards both nation and belly wide, BUT today I was influenced to order their fatty-brisket sandwich.  2 words: good choice. I would have added a few expletives, but I don’t know who is reading my blog and I will ONLY ALLOW these good bites rather than bad words to come back and haunt me. Speaking of good bites, the brisket was juicy and flavorful, but I want those burnt ends, the crust, the caramelized char.. probably should’ve ordered a rib sampler, but this was not my last meal, and if it was.. totally acceptable.

Ugh I am sooooo full. (Oy! I should do some push-ups)..

Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Belt: 1 notch looser.

This was up there with some the best BBQ I have ever had. Now, I’m judging this on just the quality of the meat and sauce alone, I did not have their baked beans or cole slaw or even their cornbread, which are all important considerations for all-around best BBQ joint, but today I just had a sandwich and it was plenty good. Y’all have try this sometime.. if you get a chance.

It reminds me of a place I went to with Rachel Shayne called PJ’s BBQ in Saratoga, NY.

Click to access PJs-Barbqsa-Menu.pdf

That place had a fatty-brisket that was taking full weeks off of my life expectancy, but totally worth every bite. It had an outdoor seating area with live music and good vibes. The smoker was so big… “how big was it?!” it was so big that they had to house it in the exterior behind the kitchen, that smell probably made it way all the way to the interstate, causing a few detours. I dream of taking a road trip one day back there because that was some seriously good bbq, but I’m sure I have yet to experience at all true southern bbq that is readily available down here.

So PigFoot… officially now has the Jules Toraby Seal of Approval. Which i admit does not hold much water, now, but you know.. It won’t take too long for Mr. Zagat to be phoning in a friend for advice on good local eateries.