My ideal Red Sox Lineup

Today we see how dropping Xman into the 7hole will do, but I think this is a big mistake.

1) Putting Xander behind AJP gives me mixed feelings. i guess you dont want a high OBP guy in front of a low OPB guy, but I feel as though  Xander, Drew and JBJ are a weak 7-9. To be honest, i’d rather see Vasquez taking his hacks than AJP, but that lineup wouldnt be scary either.

2) something about having Nava as your cleanup hitter seems odd.. Id rather have pedroia slap a few singles withe men on base than nava pop fly somewhere.

3) Holt in not a Right Fielder. Sorry Brock, I’ve enjoyed you immensely in left and center, but you should have made that catch the other day with Lackey starting. Not that Nava or Gomes deserve RF but Holt in CF with JBJ in Right with his rocket arm couldnt be that bad. i dont want holt having to make throws to 3rd.

4) Is holt your defacto lead off hitter now? or can you drop in down to where Xander hit.

For me, my ideal line-up for June 24th 2014, with the roster we currently have…

1) Holt- you can hit him anywhere, but he’s doing well so keep him there

2) Ortiz- best hitter should hit 2nd.. Ortiz, although low BA, is your best hitter.. imagine the stress of having to get holt out now.. if ortiz looming.. If Ortiz is hitting 3/4.. most likely with a two out.. that is a much less stressful situation, and I’d rather let someone in 3/4 have a higher BA.

3) Pedroia.. has enough speed to beat out a double play.. I’m not a huge fan of having Ortiz/Nap back to back all the time..

4) napoli

5) Nava

6) Xman.. basesloaded.. two out.. who do you want at bat? not AJP

7) AJP

8) Drew

9) JBJ


Pet Peavy: Having to study during the World Series.

This is what I’ve lived for my whole life is to — my whole baseball career, I should say, to have this opportunity to go out there on the biggest stage and have a chance to help your team win a World Series game and a World Series title. I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be, physically, mentally, and we’ll go out there tomorrow night and see if we can execute pitch by pitch, and find a way to win.”

via Full Count » Red Sox starter Jake Peavy says he’s ready for biggest game of his life against team that almost traded for him.

Nice Job by Alex Speier.


As I eluded to in my previous post. This World Series could hinge on the perfomance of Jake Peavy tonight as well as the possibility of him starting a game 7 (hopefully ala Derek Lowe results).

I trust him, but then again my memories of him are mostly when he was a Padre.. with a 98mph heater. Now, I definitely have more faith in him than Dempster, Doubront and Workman.. and quite frankly.. that’s why we traded for him. This is why he is here. Much better then sending unproven Allen Webster against Joe Kelly, not that that was an option, but that’s how money ball could have played out if our organization was a bit more frugal. I also love the idea that we get Peavy for another year, and I’ll be hopefully even more sweet as a defending champ. Because otherwise, I’d see it as a logjam in the rotation of which we need to start throwing our minor leaguers into the fire and testing them at the game’s highest level.

Next years rotation is:

Lester, Lackey, Clay, Peavy, Doubront (Leaving off Dempster)

I feel it could definitely succeed with:

Lester, Lackey, Clay, Doubront, Webster/Workman

And a few years from now

Lester, Doubront, Webster, Workman, De La Rosa (assuming clay remains injured) (and having Henry Owens and a few others moving up the ranks)

Anywho.. lets not get ahead of ourselves. I am nervous about tonight, but that’ll be over in about 5 hours one way or another.

Interesting to see what will unfold with the bottom of our lineup.

Will Steven Drew break out of his epic slump? Will we replace him with Xander at short and see the return of Middlebrooks to 3rd in game 4? Will Nave be effective given the little amount of playing time he’s received? Will Dustin’s thumb hold up? Can Ellsbury steal a base? Can Ortiz handle first base?

A good question I heard of when listening to podcast

Which right handed batter will be used off the bench? Napoli or Gomes

Their answer was Gomes, because Napoli will likely be used a defensive replacement for Ortiz at 1st. And he’s a prone to strike outs.

If I were manager: Tonights lineup would look like this:

Ellsbury, Nava, Ortiz, Pedroia, Xander, Salty, Drew, Peavy and Victorino.

I like peavy batting 8th, because even with the possibility of a quick inning.. I like having Victorino and Ellsbury connected, and pinch hitting for the #8 hitter would not interrupt our speed on the base path.

All of this is outside of my control. Just gonna keep my finger’s crossed.

Go Sox!