GTA V- Yoga Mini Game

Picked up a copy of GTA V earlier this week. 5/5 stars btw, just a fantastic game. What put it over the top besides the boring golf and tennis mini-games was the funny yoga missions. As a recently certified 200-hr yoga teacher, (who currently teaches Tuesdays at Free Spirit Yoga), this tickled deep in my Psoas.

My First Acro Yoga Video!!!

Special Thanks to Austin Lin of Prana Yoga in Cambridge, MA for letting me film this after class. Summer 2013

Thank you Izzy, Lotsie, Austin, Jade, Laura and everyone at Esh studios for your inspiration and patience.

Love all you guys

ps. If anyone in Greensboro NC would like to try Acro yoga please contact me. Best to work in groups of 3 (minimum) because it is always good to have a spotter present.