Patriots Pass “The Test,” Remain Undefeated

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Boston Wins

Sunday Night Football this week had the Patriots playing the Falcons in Atlanta.  While the Patriots were 3-0 going into it, most people said they were the worst 3-0 team, mainly based on the fact that they had only played weak teams and had not put up many points.  This game was said to be their first real test as the Falcons are one of the elite teams, and are very hard to beat in Atlanta.  Well, the Patriots passed “the test” with mostly flying colors.  They remain undefeated and improve to 4-0 on the season.

New England took the win, with a final score of 30-23.  At one they were up 30-13, but some mistakes led to Atlanta catching up a bit near the end of the game.  If not for that, I would’ve said the Patriots won with all flying colors, but this late-game slip was why I…

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2013 Week 1

2013 Week 1

Week 1 of the 2013-14 NFL Season has just concluded with the Patriots narrowly picking up a win against the Buffalo Bills and their rookie QB EJ Manuel. Stephen Gostkowski hit a 35-yard field goal with 5 seconds left to send the New England Patriots to a season-opening 23-21 win.

Kinda reminds you of some of the late dramatic Vinatieri kicks of yesteryear, but for a season opener, this just merely had us holding our breath to start out the year on the right foot. 1-0 feels pretty good, but at what cost.

Of course Vereen is out for few weeks with a broken arm, which makes his performance all that more impressive: 14 rushes for 101 yards plus 7 receptions for 58… Those are Matt Forte numbers.. but I do have faith in Ridley and Blount and maybe Edelman can become this teams version of James Jones, but that seems like that is a stretch. Amendola definitely won the game for us with his Welker-like series of catches in the 4th quarter, lets just hope he stays healthy and we can move the ball around with some deception, because we have a least a few threats. Have to play better though, because the Bills are not an Elite team, and neither are the Jets, so I hope to see some Rex Ryan tears in next weeks post-game interview. Maybe he’ll turn the jets on and fart in the mic instead of just turning his back to the camera. HA.