Michael Pine-head-a




Michael Pine-head-a

I have to admit, I came up with that slogan on the treadmill while the game was in action, just ask Gonzalo.

So apparently Sports writer Jon Heyman and I have a similar appreciation for puns.. since his article this morning, along with his tweet of pinehead/pinhead Pineda.. is the same thing I thought I so cleverly coined. Just goes to show that either I have to become more active on twitter, or I should really make these posts more proximate to when I’m feeling silly-punny.

His article can be found in the link below. This first link i posted offers the dialogue of the players and managers after the game.


I have to admit, that who ever wrote MLB.com’s headline of “Tar Wars”… pure genius. I was actually angry that I hadn’t thought of that one too.

Thoughts: First, I was super happy to see Farrell argue it in the middle of an at bat, early in the game, ultimately maybe affecting the yankee pitching staff and bullpen for weeks. And then.. naturally.. thoughts of Clay and Lester having similar habits did require me to second guess my jubilation. However, the Yanks did not challenge any of our pitches that night.. even for semantic reasons.. no one was thrown at, I thought we had entered a mlb blitz scenario, but the only thing classy was the fact that nothing else happened.

Second, Its time for a rule change. if this is an unspoken rule of.. don’t be an idiot, but everyone does it.. or some variation of it like sunscreen and rosin. However, I do understand the slippery slop argument of what changing a rule like that could result in. And I dont blame Pineda for trying. In the midst of a career resurrection… where a strong season could make you tyler perry money.. its unfortunate for him, since obviously he was warned by his coaching staff prior to the game.. and it seems odd the CC or someone else could have should him where on his belt or ass crack to put the shit away from the view of HD cameras.

What really felt bad was the 3 seconds of footage of the dugout camera of Pineda before it was rightfully turned away. He got his 10 game suspension today, so he’ll be skipped in the rotation twice, which is significant since Nova is now out for the season.

Part of me wishes Farrell ignored it, since the purpose is only to get a better grip, and I hate seeing Clay flounder without it. But he really had no choice and it was a smart managerial move.

Plus.. as a Sox fan.. a lot of other more pressing issue than to make fun of a rival that is currently ahead of you in the standings.

Future conversations will include:

1) Nava’s demotion

2) Sizemore’s role

3) Lester’s contract

4) How to integrate our young prospects.

Lebanon Bologna

4/5 stars!
It has a distinct tangy flavor, like if you dipped regular salami in orange juice, but I find it extremely delicious and a great anytime snack.

Seriously, try a slice for free at your local Harris Teeter. At $2.50 for a 1/4lbs, it’s either something you’ll quickly forget, or… The beginning of a new meaty fad.


Oy so similar… the man who broke almost 400 world records.

except… I became a yoga instructor and then went to law school. BUT the similarities exist and I dig this guys passion, hard work and child like enthusiasm.

Shout Outs:

Hey Elise, Check out that guys Hola Hoop.

Hey Mom, We like malt balls almost as much as he does.

Hey Poppop, I’m going to be a great lawyer, like my mother and grandfather before me. I miss you everyday, your picture gives me strength and motivation. And like you, law will be only but one part of my large community and maybe global.. influence.

Hey NMH, gotta love what the head, heart and the hand can do.

Hey me, Go get ’em tiger!


The Clincher: A magic night at Fenway Park (HD)

Big thanks to BRETT COWETT of firebrandal.com for posting some great links this monday. I check that site almost every day and you’ll see me post some captions of their work with my addition commentary, including but not limited to various other writers from MLB.com, Boston.com, Weei, Fangraphs, and many other blogs I frequent.

Just as an fyi, I used to live on Queensberry St for 5 years, 3 blocks away from Fenway, and just moved away for law school this past August and it was quite surreal and infuriating to miss the Fenway Clincher. Especially since my last World Series experience was as a freshman in Smith Hall of Northeastern University, fall 2007, back when i briefly had a brand new razor flip phone that fell out of my sweatshirt pocket as we jumped up and down as strike 3 was recorded and was a small casualty, (in addition to a poor fellows yellow pickup truck).

Some other quick thoughts on the series:
Big walks from x-man, excited to see his rookie year next year. (please baseball gods, keep him healthy). Uppercrust, if that place is still in business should have free pineapple for a month, because the flying hawaiian delivered with a clutch grand slam. Ortiz, give him a 2 year.. 25-30 million dollar deal. I understand the business side of it, and the wait and see approach is nothing but smart, but piece of mind has to be worth something, and I bet stephen drew wishes he took the qualifying offer. Ortiz guy is going to the HOF and I dont want to see his last Frank Thomas-esque seasons with another team. Lester, if he was a lifetime contract give him a 6 year $100 million offer. We have the luxury of having a surplus of talented and cost controlled pitching, the issue is having to find spots in a veteran heavy rotation. With Dempster and Peavy only on the books for one more year, there will be plenty of opportunity to infuse youth with experience.

Pet Peavy: Having to study during the World Series.

This is what I’ve lived for my whole life is to — my whole baseball career, I should say, to have this opportunity to go out there on the biggest stage and have a chance to help your team win a World Series game and a World Series title. I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be, physically, mentally, and we’ll go out there tomorrow night and see if we can execute pitch by pitch, and find a way to win.”

via Full Count » Red Sox starter Jake Peavy says he’s ready for biggest game of his life against team that almost traded for him.

Nice Job by Alex Speier.


As I eluded to in my previous post. This World Series could hinge on the perfomance of Jake Peavy tonight as well as the possibility of him starting a game 7 (hopefully ala Derek Lowe results).

I trust him, but then again my memories of him are mostly when he was a Padre.. with a 98mph heater. Now, I definitely have more faith in him than Dempster, Doubront and Workman.. and quite frankly.. that’s why we traded for him. This is why he is here. Much better then sending unproven Allen Webster against Joe Kelly, not that that was an option, but that’s how money ball could have played out if our organization was a bit more frugal. I also love the idea that we get Peavy for another year, and I’ll be hopefully even more sweet as a defending champ. Because otherwise, I’d see it as a logjam in the rotation of which we need to start throwing our minor leaguers into the fire and testing them at the game’s highest level.

Next years rotation is:

Lester, Lackey, Clay, Peavy, Doubront (Leaving off Dempster)

I feel it could definitely succeed with:

Lester, Lackey, Clay, Doubront, Webster/Workman

And a few years from now

Lester, Doubront, Webster, Workman, De La Rosa (assuming clay remains injured) (and having Henry Owens and a few others moving up the ranks)

Anywho.. lets not get ahead of ourselves. I am nervous about tonight, but that’ll be over in about 5 hours one way or another.

Interesting to see what will unfold with the bottom of our lineup.

Will Steven Drew break out of his epic slump? Will we replace him with Xander at short and see the return of Middlebrooks to 3rd in game 4? Will Nave be effective given the little amount of playing time he’s received? Will Dustin’s thumb hold up? Can Ellsbury steal a base? Can Ortiz handle first base?

A good question I heard of when listening to firebrandal.com podcast

Which right handed batter will be used off the bench? Napoli or Gomes

Their answer was Gomes, because Napoli will likely be used a defensive replacement for Ortiz at 1st. And he’s a prone to strike outs.

If I were manager: Tonights lineup would look like this:

Ellsbury, Nava, Ortiz, Pedroia, Xander, Salty, Drew, Peavy and Victorino.

I like peavy batting 8th, because even with the possibility of a quick inning.. I like having Victorino and Ellsbury connected, and pinch hitting for the #8 hitter would not interrupt our speed on the base path.

All of this is outside of my control. Just gonna keep my finger’s crossed.

Go Sox!


“I’m Not Superstitious, but I am a Little Stitious” : The Birds and the Beards.

Koji Uehara, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Do I, as a fan, honestly believe that what I do has any impact on a baseball game being played hours away by grown men who will never know my name? I don’t. But has that stopped me from developing a variety of quirks, habits, and superstitions over the years? It hasn’t.

via “I’m Not Superstitious, but I am a Little Stitious” | Fire Brand of the American LeagueFire Brand of the American League.

A Great Article By Jack Keller.

I grew up taking the train from our home in Connecticut with my mom, to NYC, and during those 45 minutes before iPhones and even cd players… we had a thing called the newspaper.. and there were basically only two sections that I would read. 1) The funnies (http://garfieldminusgarfield.net) and 2) the sports section.

I grew up with my mom pointing out what an RBI meant, Hits, Homers, Batting Average. And I would check it DAILY… see who was close to batting .300 and who were below the Mendoza line. I was born in 1989, which means that I had the (un)lucky childhood of seeing the Yankees win perennially, but boy oh boy was rooting for the underdog so much more fun, and stressful. I’m surprised there were not any balding, diehard, 8-year-olds. We had Nomar and his 3 minute bat and glove routine between pitches, Pedro buzzing people by the ear, Jose Offerman, Brian Daubach and a whole other bunch of forgetful names and woeful september collapses. We all knew if we could score a run, pedro would win… but the guys the only pitcher to throw a no-hitter through 9 and still lose the game in extras. 

Any who.. point being.. over the years I grew my own superstitions, nothing specific, but I’d get this uncanny feeling that my daily karma would affect their win loss record. Like.. If I were to accidently litter, I would start walking away and then think to myself, “If I don’t go pick that up, the sox will lose” Seriously, baseball made me a better person, if not a weirder person.So I picked up those bottle caps and would hold on to them for hours until I could find a receptacle. I mean I’d be willing to risk having a chewing gum glued pocket than to piss off the baseball gods. This ties in to the superstition of not saying the word ‘no hitter; during a no-hitter. So many times, like clockwork, do I see an announcer, or a friend, look at the score, say.. “oh! he’s throwing a no-no..” and the VERY NEXT PITCH.. base hit.. up the middle… or a bloop.. or w/e.

I know, i know.. there is no way my actions could affect their play. And i know that thousands of baseball… even sports fans get overly attached to something bigger than themselves. But its fascinating.. isnt it?

Like.. the sox were down by like 5 runs one day.. and I was pissed and grumpy.. and i started kicking off my shoes and I took off my right sock and then all of a sudden.. base hit.. sooo.. I sat there motionless.. for like 2 minutes until… another base hit.. followed by another.. and a few runs and half an hour later.. I’m still frozen on the couch with a sock in my hand afraid to move.. did it work? kinda.. but we still lost the game, maybe I twitched or something. Or someone else near Fenway missed the garbage can and ruined it for the rest of us. Ha.

So I’m in Law School now, just my luck, the year I leave Boston after 7 years of being there, they make it to the World Series. So I’m flooded with reading, and there is another sox fan at this small NC school (Elon) and it was Game 6 of the ALCS, the sox were down in the middle innings. So we both decided to leave the library to catch dinner separately and come back to the library and finish studying for our Property midterm the next morning. Oy was I stressing out, I would not have been in a good mood had they forced a game 7, and to study with that nervousness would be.. really tough. So, I try to do anything i could to get the sox bats hot. I did push ups, showered, threw my sox T on, lucky underwear (superman boxers), favorite hat, and went back to the library. As I walk in, I kid you not, that same friend, Chris, had changed his clothes also.. Authentic Sox Jersey, both sporting our beards and we just laughed at each other that we kinda.. just had to do this.

My only remaining question is.. If the sox win the World Series… Do I get to shave? or Do i have to keep it for another full season… heck.. If it meant we’d get a handful of rings in a row… is it worth it? The job interviews. The lack of girlfriends.. I might have to stay in the south and apply to Duck Dynasty to maintain the Red Sox Dynasty.

Quick World Series Predictions: The Birds and the Beards.

Potential Sox MVP: Ellsbury

Key player to watch: Xander Bogaerts

Key Pitching Perfomance: Jake Peavy <Will he control his nerves>

Key Pinch Hitter: Daniel Nava

Sox win in 5.

Catch you on the flipside: Salt and Papi


Finally a W for the Red Sox to even the series 1-1.

This title is brought to you by the Boondock Saints: 2 brothers trying to rid beantown of evil. The movie had to have something to do with it. <The movie is set in Boston.. and one of the actors, Norman Reedus, is on the Walking Dead, which I was watching that night.>

I’ll admit. I did not watch this game, I was too busy doing Property Reading, and being down 5-1 with the future Cy Young Winner on the mound was doing nothing but putting me in a bad mood. My mom kept texting me, “don’t watch the game, do your homework, tonight is not our night, I’ll call you if anything good happens.” So she never called. I watched the season premier of AMC’s Walking Dead with my neighbor and Elon 1L Maddie, started reading about executory limitations and put sox on the back burner of my mind. Occasionally I’d glance at my phone to check the score only to see that another inning had passed… and I’d just toss the phone further out of reach across the carpet so I would refresh it strike by strike. So i was finishing my reading, it was late, I figured the game was almost over, I unlocked the screen only to see 5-5 tie, ORTIZ GRAND SLAM. I let out a scream reminiscent of my high school wrestling glory days, fist pumped Jersey Shore style and ran down to my apartment to turn the game on, just in the nick of time to see Salty at the plate, Prince being a terrible Fielder, and a wild pitch and a single by Iglasias, the Red Sox won! I might as well have started singing the National Anthem: JOSE can you seeeeeee, by the balls early flight, Ore the RED SOX have WON and I can sleep well tonight….. ect

Great feeling. Also, FYI, before this game..

The Patriots had won in the Last 10 seconds of the game with a Brady touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins.

Kenbrell Thompkins

Kenbrell Thompkins

I was feeling pretty lousy also before the comeback, and earlier in the 4th Quarter I got a text asking if I wanted to go for a run. And I was like.. Nah I got a lot of property reading to do, go ahead, I will see you later…. then the magic happened.. then i texted them back saying: Have you guys left yet, I feel rejuvenated. During the run, I told them that this was a good luck run for the Red Sox. So ,in about an hour from now I will go on another good luck run to help us gain a 2-1 series lead.

Thought it was worthwhile to add a GIF of a closer look of Big Papi Magic

Game 2 ALCS 2013

Game 2 ALCS 2013

And the Flip:


Good Luck Tonight!

Forever Remember: 10/13/13- 2 Amazing Boston Wins.

Go Red Sox.

Good Luck Run Time!

So I’m thinking of shaving my beard…

Game 1: 2013 ALCS

Game 1: 2013 ALCS

I have never screamed louder for a measly base hit than I did in last night’s loss to the Tigers. Gotta hand it to them, this is not a blame game with umpire, but 17 strikeouts, and 13 men left on base with only 1 hit in the ninth inning… they deserve all the credit. How do you get 6 walks and go 0-6 with runners in scoring position, and not get a base hit.

We pushed their pitcher to 120 pitches in 6 innings, but could not break through.

2 games in the ALCS.. both 1-0 scores, against the ACE of their respective teams. Sanchez is their #3 starters, so now we have this uphill battle against the 2 best pitchers in the AL.

Lets home Clay and Lackey have a few gems in their pocket, or the bats to wake up, because otherwise, 2 games from now, would could be looking down a big 3 hole, and these handy beard trimmers are starting to look pretty good.

So thank you Nava for preventing an embarrassing combined no-hitter in the first game of the ALCS.

I was really happy to see Xander pinch hit, but not with 2 outs in the 9th. I was drinking Boston Lager, hoping for an X-men walk-off win.

A few interesting points from last night.

1) why did Ross start the game, only to be pinch hit for later by Salty? Are his numbers that much better against a pitcher we haven’t faced?

2) Why didn’t Berry steal 2nd, a batter earlier. Then Drew’s sac-fly could have gotten him to 3rd base with 2 out. We all know a wild-pitch there could tie the game and shift momentum.

3) I was talking to by buddy Caolan at the Red Sox bar Stumble Stilskins in Greensboro, NC during the game. And it was the 5th inning, 2 on, 2 out for Peralta. AND I SAID: Walk him, load the bases, he’s the guy that hit a double in his last at bat, I’d rather go after Infante. He said: No, there are 2 out, best go after him. Few seconds later.. the decisive bloop single that scored the winning run. Easy to look in hind sight of what we ought to do. Whenever I get in a one-run deficit.. I tell myself.. HEY we had to at least score a run to win the game, so that AINT THAT BAD. UNLESS.. you end up praying.. we have to get a hit to avoid embarrassment..

This series really hinges on what Middlebrooks, Drew and/or Xander can do. Because if you can effectively silence Ellsbury and Victorino.. our spark plugs.. and with Napoli fresh off a Belhorn besting record. There are just a lot of uncertainties… and we need a few clutch hits from everybody.

A loss is a loss. Time to turn the page.. do some law school reading and watch tonights game with a lucky playoff beer-d.

Toto- Africa

This has nothing to do with Law School, but I want… nay.. I NEED this video on my blog. For easy access. For those tired days in the library, for the sunrises that I’ll witness in my apartment doing homework and for the emotional uplift.

“I know that I must do what’s right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become…”