Speaking as a Lawyer…

Watching Fresh Prince Of Bel Air while doing my 1L law homework when this scene came on. I found this just too funny to let it slip away into the digital abyss. I quickly went to tvguide.com found the episode, searched for it on youtube and posted it to my blog, for my future reference and hopefully the opportunity to share some laughs with whomever I am able to reach out to.

Also consider the facts that:
1) My twin sister is in Med School.
2) I’m in Law School
3) Mom is an Attorney
4) Dad went to Yale.. Full Scholarship for Architecture.

A lot of parallels to be drawn.

Red Eyes Poem

Law books

Red Eyes and Red Books

Law Books and Law Crooks

Read books and Red Bed

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Red Eyes and Tired soul

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Take out, Eat in

TV on, Red Sox Win

by Jules Toraby 10/8/13