Catching Fire 2.0

In response to Josh Cookson’s article on – found here


With Baltimore’s Matt Wieters out with tommy john, maybe the time is now to trade AJP or even Lavarnway, for a B/C list prospect or even cash considerations, just to open up room for Mr. RocketArm to control the running game. I’m sure lackey would be in favor of the move. and Lester could still throw to Ross.

Additionally, I’m all for letting the kids play. This is what the fans want. We dont want a push to force playoff contention. We won the WS last year and that is no small feat. Now let the kids get there taste, demote Grady Sizemore and let JBJ play everyday, or most days. We arent trading Victorino, and Gomes got that gigantic sox tattoo.. so its hard to trade him, and he won me over not just with the big hits in the playoffs, but like brock holt, Gomes is a gamer, a baseball player. He hustled out an infield single the other night and I thought that was epic, he didnt score, but had the sox gotten a clutch hit, it wouldve been a game changer. Nava has heated up so its equally difficult to part with him.

To be honest, if the sox do make the playoffs, I hope its with an outfield of Holt, JBJ and Betts.

and Koji, please, just keep doing w/e it is you are doing.


Love JT.


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