Kevin Durant Thanks His Momma

NBA MVP 2014.
I saw this clip on ESPN while taking an extended study break and I like instantly starting crying. I hopped on the computer and found the segment that triggered my kleenex moment, watched it again to the same effect and knew I had to post this.

It really helped put things into perspective. I was stressing about the five finals coming up in a week an a half… and its currently 3:45am as I write this post before catching some light sleep. KD earned his money. It may seem silly that a man can make millions, hundreds of millions for playing basketball (or any professional sport), and I’m not going to argue talent versus genetics, he surpassed King James this year which is no small feat. The point I want to make is that he is a permanent public figure now.. he’s no longer affecting this world on a limited purpose. He’s got charities and businesses up the wazoo.. and he’s got the humbleness and the heart to back it up. This is kind of speech you dream about seeing players give. Genuine.

Baby Steps.. I’m only almost 1/3 of the way there. It felt amazing when i got my 100th career wrestling win (on my last high school wrestling match).. I have a feeling that in another 2 years from now, there will be one of the many substantial moments in my life coming into focus. Now.. I like Finding Julesy (Finding Nemo); Just keep reading, just keep reading, reading reading.

I can’t wait to thank my mom!

For the whole speech.. click here:

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@ 3:10

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