True Wheel of Fortune: “Why risk another spin?!”

Disclaimer: The laughter that this video is likely to generate is hopefully that of true kindness.

When I say I think there should be more contestants like this on game shows.. its not to inflate ratings to poke fun at.. (struggling for the appropriate terminology) challenged individuals. No, I would not regularly watch a show called Wheel of Misfortune, because that title is rude and the malicious intent would kill any beneficial results that this contestant may have experienced. Without talking in circles for another hour. This is a must watch, it was nice to see genuine, unabashed happiness from a kid with more personality then the average joe.

The thing about TV game shows that I find this to be a very effective and possibly charitable tool is its ability to convey a message to the viewers, the general public, for compassion for others. Game shows are apart of our social fiber, our moral makeup, our grey matter. It is hard to vocalize exactly how the Pat Sajak’s, the Trebek’s, Philbin’s and Bob Barker’s of the world have left their imprint of me.. or us.. or you.. but they invariably do. Collective Efficacy. They’re our Media Moms. Our Drama Dads. Our D-List Morals.

In end, this scene was probably missed by the 99%, so I take out the 10 minutes out of my day to recirculate a gem that should that should be lost but not forgotten.

(Yes, I Reddit)

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