Michael Pine-head-a




Michael Pine-head-a

I have to admit, I came up with that slogan on the treadmill while the game was in action, just ask Gonzalo.

So apparently Sports writer Jon Heyman and I have a similar appreciation for puns.. since his article this morning, along with his tweet of pinehead/pinhead Pineda.. is the same thing I thought I so cleverly coined. Just goes to show that either I have to become more active on twitter, or I should really make these posts more proximate to when I’m feeling silly-punny.

His article can be found in the link below. This first link i posted offers the dialogue of the players and managers after the game.


I have to admit, that who ever wrote MLB.com’s headline of “Tar Wars”… pure genius. I was actually angry that I hadn’t thought of that one too.

Thoughts: First, I was super happy to see Farrell argue it in the middle of an at bat, early in the game, ultimately maybe affecting the yankee pitching staff and bullpen for weeks. And then.. naturally.. thoughts of Clay and Lester having similar habits did require me to second guess my jubilation. However, the Yanks did not challenge any of our pitches that night.. even for semantic reasons.. no one was thrown at, I thought we had entered a mlb blitz scenario, but the only thing classy was the fact that nothing else happened.

Second, Its time for a rule change. if this is an unspoken rule of.. don’t be an idiot, but everyone does it.. or some variation of it like sunscreen and rosin. However, I do understand the slippery slop argument of what changing a rule like that could result in. And I dont blame Pineda for trying. In the midst of a career resurrection… where a strong season could make you tyler perry money.. its unfortunate for him, since obviously he was warned by his coaching staff prior to the game.. and it seems odd the CC or someone else could have should him where on his belt or ass crack to put the shit away from the view of HD cameras.

What really felt bad was the 3 seconds of footage of the dugout camera of Pineda before it was rightfully turned away. He got his 10 game suspension today, so he’ll be skipped in the rotation twice, which is significant since Nova is now out for the season.

Part of me wishes Farrell ignored it, since the purpose is only to get a better grip, and I hate seeing Clay flounder without it. But he really had no choice and it was a smart managerial move.

Plus.. as a Sox fan.. a lot of other more pressing issue than to make fun of a rival that is currently ahead of you in the standings.

Future conversations will include:

1) Nava’s demotion

2) Sizemore’s role

3) Lester’s contract

4) How to integrate our young prospects.

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