Quick Sox Recap: 3-1 Win Over Rays, move on to ALCS


Some quick thoughts about the Sox’s win over they Rays to move on to the ALCS.

1) Did they win this series? Or did Tampa really just choke… 3 games in a row. Bases loaded nobody out in the 2nd inning, and a strikeout and a double play later, I’m left scratching my head as to why we did not have at least a 1 run lead for most of this game. 1 run would have lowered my blood pressure substantially. Especially after we took Peavy out when down 0-1 in the 6th.

2) Craig Breslow, MVP of the Day. Struck out 4/5 batters and really killed any momentum the Rays had amassed.

3) Biggest at bat of the game: X-man.. Xander.. 2 walks.. and 2 runs. When will this kid get a start in the ALCS.. hopefully against a tough Lefty.. but are any of the Detroit Starter’s Left handed… And do I really want to see the A’s with all the former Sox providing them with excellent moneyball? Moss, Lowrie, Colon, Reddick, Crisp. Heck.. they’re a few players away from being a complete recycled sox team.. and i’m completely okay with that. The Red Sox just dont have the patience to let the David Murphy’s of the world breakout of their AAAA shell, yet here we have 30 year old Nava having such a great year.

Back to X-man’s 1st walk, that led to the game tying run. He had a good eye, and laid off some tough pitches. Looked cool as a cucumber and I’d like to see if we can get more of a lightning in a bottle ala Ellsbury in ’07… but you aint going to sit Drew/Middlebrooks, but you could alternate just to get him in the lineup.. and then pinch hit when necessary. Especially if Peavy is starting since he’s a fly ball pitcher.

4) Victorino. Basically guaranteed that I’ll be putting pineapple on my pizza for the time being, since the flying Hawaiian legged out a crucial infield hit to allow the go-ahead run to score. Guy playing right field.. with Pedrioa’s 110% effort. Hit by 4 pitches this ALDS and set a record for OBP over .500 for the series. Basically, any residual love i had for Trot Nixon and they way he played.. is now transferred to Vic. And also I give credit to him for the way he showed a bunt, maybe blocking the vision of the catcher which led to the passed ball that Xander scored on to tie it up. He’s 100 times more valuable than Crawford was to us, and for a fraction of the cost <although not to the savings Nava is awarding us> and he’s only been hitting from the right side.. which If he keeps it up.. may have to abandon his switch hitting ways, because the power is there.. especially on R/R.

I was a freshman at NU for the ’07 win and I find it funny that once I leave to NC, they’re back on top, with a model for sustained success, and bearded faces.


Speaking as a Lawyer…

Watching Fresh Prince Of Bel Air while doing my 1L law homework when this scene came on. I found this just too funny to let it slip away into the digital abyss. I quickly went to tvguide.com found the episode, searched for it on youtube and posted it to my blog, for my future reference and hopefully the opportunity to share some laughs with whomever I am able to reach out to.

Also consider the facts that:
1) My twin sister is in Med School.
2) I’m in Law School
3) Mom is an Attorney
4) Dad went to Yale.. Full Scholarship for Architecture.

A lot of parallels to be drawn.

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TV on, Red Sox Win

by Jules Toraby 10/8/13