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2013 Week 1

2013 Week 1

Week 1 of the 2013-14 NFL Season has just concluded with the Patriots narrowly picking up a win against the Buffalo Bills and their rookie QB EJ Manuel. Stephen Gostkowski hit a 35-yard field goal with 5 seconds left to send the New England Patriots to a season-opening 23-21 win.

Kinda reminds you of some of the late dramatic Vinatieri kicks of yesteryear, but for a season opener, this just merely had us holding our breath to start out the year on the right foot. 1-0 feels pretty good, but at what cost.

Of course Vereen is out for few weeks with a broken arm, which makes his performance all that more impressive: 14 rushes for 101 yards plus 7 receptions for 58… Those are Matt Forte numbers.. but I do have faith in Ridley and Blount and maybe Edelman can become this teams version of James Jones, but that seems like that is a stretch. Amendola definitely won the game for us with his Welker-like series of catches in the 4th quarter, lets just hope he stays healthy and we can move the ball around with some deception, because we have a least a few threats. Have to play better though, because the Bills are not an Elite team, and neither are the Jets, so I hope to see some Rex Ryan tears in next weeks post-game interview. Maybe he’ll turn the jets on and fart in the mic instead of just turning his back to the camera. HA.

Pig Foot BBQ Review

Pigfoot BBQ Jules Toraby Seal of Approval 2013.

I went to the BBQ/Concert outside of Center Pointe today, September 8th, 2013 with my family friend Brad Cone. We asked around for what everyone’s favorite BBQ stand was to help aid in our decision, and the all-around consensus was that Pig Foot was the best place to.. pig-out.

Now I did not order the ribs, which were also highly decorated, winning dozens of awards both nation and belly wide, BUT today I was influenced to order their fatty-brisket sandwich.  2 words: good choice. I would have added a few expletives, but I don’t know who is reading my blog and I will ONLY ALLOW these good bites rather than bad words to come back and haunt me. Speaking of good bites, the brisket was juicy and flavorful, but I want those burnt ends, the crust, the caramelized char.. probably should’ve ordered a rib sampler, but this was not my last meal, and if it was.. totally acceptable.

Ugh I am sooooo full. (Oy! I should do some push-ups)..

Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Belt: 1 notch looser.

This was up there with some the best BBQ I have ever had. Now, I’m judging this on just the quality of the meat and sauce alone, I did not have their baked beans or cole slaw or even their cornbread, which are all important considerations for all-around best BBQ joint, but today I just had a sandwich and it was plenty good. Y’all have try this sometime.. if you get a chance.

It reminds me of a place I went to with Rachel Shayne called PJ’s BBQ in Saratoga, NY.

Click to access PJs-Barbqsa-Menu.pdf

That place had a fatty-brisket that was taking full weeks off of my life expectancy, but totally worth every bite. It had an outdoor seating area with live music and good vibes. The smoker was so big… “how big was it?!” it was so big that they had to house it in the exterior behind the kitchen, that smell probably made it way all the way to the interstate, causing a few detours. I dream of taking a road trip one day back there because that was some seriously good bbq, but I’m sure I have yet to experience at all true southern bbq that is readily available down here.

So PigFoot… officially now has the Jules Toraby Seal of Approval. Which i admit does not hold much water, now, but you know.. It won’t take too long for Mr. Zagat to be phoning in a friend for advice on good local eateries.


Koji Uehara 2013 Red Sox

Koji Uehara 2013 Red Sox

In his 63 1/3 innings this year, the right-hander has allowed just 29 hits (.133 opponents’ batting average) and nine walks (1.3 per nine innings) — with his 0.600 WHIP ranking, at this moment, as the lowest in major league history for a pitcher who worked at least 50 innings, besting the standard for greatness achieved by Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley with the A’s in 1989 (0.607). – Weei’s Alex Speier. (

As of the end of the first week of September, Koji has actualled pitched yet another scoreless inning lowering his WHIP to a microscopic 0.591. For those of you who do not know what WHIP stands for, it is [walks and hits per innings pitched]. So a WHIP at/or under 1.0 is considered very good, meaning for 9 innings of baseball you’re good for 9 hits/walks combined. To have a WHIP closer to 0.6 means you only give up 6 hits and walks combined per 9 innings which is crucial for a closer to be able to keep men off the base paths. He has been pitching with such Japan-ease, that I bet you he he’ll gain some MVP consideration, although we all know that the Detroit Tigers possess both the Reigning and Future Cy young and MVP winners. [see Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and now most likely Max Scherzer]. 

Koji and Papelbon Comparison

Koji and Papelbon Comparison

Now lets compare the two quickly.

In Papelbon’s arguably best year which was in 2006 where he placed second in the Rookie of the Year voting to non other than the great Verlander himself.

In 2006, the All-Star pitched to:

a 4-2 record with a 0.92 ERA in 68 innings pitched in 59 games, striking out 75, with a WHIP of 0.776.

Great numbers, He did a great job for 6 seasons posting a WHIP under 1.0 for 4 of the 6  seasons.

Koji on the other hand, 5 years older than Papelbon, in his Age 38 season is having one of the best season’s ever for a pitcher. Just ask Eck himself.

Koji has already pitched 64 innings to a tune of 1.12 ERA, 89 K’s, and a 0.591 WHIP

AND is in currently pitching his 5th consecutive year with a WHIP under 1.

All I can say is, Here’s to looking at you, kid. You’re doing great. I’ll donate all the money I’ll save this postseason on Migraine pills from having to see the sox NOT trot out Eric Gagne like relievers with the game on the line.

Just a reminder Gagne had a 6.75 ERA and 1.875 WHIP in the 20 inning rental that cost us Kason Gabbard, David Murphy and Engel Beltre.

I’m a firm believer that we could’ve looked more like the A’s and have an outfield/infield of Brandon Moss, David Murphy, Jacoby Ellsbury, Xander, Lowrie, Pedroia and Middlebrook playing 1st base maybe something similar to how we used Youk on our team. But that;s a completely different story. I got to see Moss, Murphy and Ellsbury in a Pawsox v Fishercats game over a half dozen years back when I was still in High School.

I just want to see Red Sox v. Tigers in this year’s ALCS, with maybe a Red Sox v. Dodgers World Series. Wouldn’t that be something. But if all else fails, Go Pirates!!

My First Acro Yoga Video!!!

Special Thanks to Austin Lin of Prana Yoga in Cambridge, MA for letting me film this after class. Summer 2013

Thank you Izzy, Lotsie, Austin, Jade, Laura and everyone at Esh studios for your inspiration and patience.

Love all you guys

ps. If anyone in Greensboro NC would like to try Acro yoga please contact me. Best to work in groups of 3 (minimum) because it is always good to have a spotter present.