The Nine-Man Defense

9 man defense

9 man defense

The Nine-Man Defense

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For an entertaining article by Chris Ford.

I actually daydreamed about this for a few minutes the other day. Why not move the catcher into the in infield in the crucial 9th inning of a one-game playoff? The rules don’t state that a catcher has to stand behind home plate, so why not use a 5th infielder on a regular basis, ala Joe Madden-esque super scenario.

My favorite part of the article is when he mentions problems of the hypothetical scenario, such as the umpire having to dodge 90-100mph pitches, while still having to call balls and strikes.

Also: In the comments, someone suggested that since the catcher can still wear his mask and pads, that he should just stand in front of home plate and block shots/hits if he’s brave enough lol!!! omg I would so watch that game.

Thank you for the usual great insight.

If you enjoyed that article, please check out this one that discusses what baseball maybe like if it was played once a week… like football.


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